The Joy Of Dinner Party
Date: 2022-05-26
Giant pandas are solitary animals. When they are alone, they can enjoy themselves. But sometimes, "happiness alone is not as good as happiness for all". When relatives and friends get together to enjoy delicious food, they also enjoy the happiness of dinner.
Fu Shun, Fu Lai and Qi Yi are all giant pandas born in 2016. They have accompanied each other in the process of growing up, and they are equally fond of bamboo. When it's time for dinner, they "show their skills" and eat happily.
Fu Lai (left), Fu Shun (middle), Qi Yi (right)
Fu Shun (left) and Qi Yi (right)
When Yun Wen, Yun Wu and Allen , who are two years younger, "formed a team" to eat bamboo, their "appetite" was also equal. Together, they skillfully peel and chew bamboo at the same time, the happiness of dinner party is plain for all to see.
Yun Wen (left), Yun Wu (right), Allen (back)
Yun Wen (left), Yun Wu (right)
Under the leadership of Chuan Zai, the "class monitor" from the class of 2018 at the Base, little sister Run Jiu also turned into a "bamboo eating small expert". At dinner, don’t their lovely backs sprout your heart?
Run Jiu (left) and Chuan Zai (right)
When Chuan Zai and Yao Yao have dinner together, they secretly compete with each other. Who eats faster and who eats more?
Chuan Zai (left) and Yao Yao (right)
Cheng Feng and Cheng Lang, the "lazy" sisters, always eat bamboo slowly. Maybe they want to make the good dinner time last longer!
Cheng Feng (left), Cheng Lang (right)
After learning about the dinner time of giant pandas, do you also feel their happiness?
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