A thinking girl——Si Yuan
Date: 2020-11-03

As autumn comes, the weather is getting cooler. When the cold wind blows across the sky, the clouds become faintly visible. 


Different compared with the strong midsummer, early autumn is bleaker and quieter. After the retreat of the heat, a solemn atmosphere pervades everything. Autumn is a season for thinking. The giant panda Si Yuan often thinks quietly when she is alone, so please follow the author to learn about her!


Si Yuan is affectionately known as' Aunt White Gloves 'because of the white fur on her forepaws. As the only female among the cubs born in 2004, Si Yuan has a delicate mind and likes to think about life silently.


Si Yuan: diligent in thinking


 Si Yuan staring in the distance, lost in meditation


Si Yuan, half-lying on the small slope, thinking silently


Closed eyes meditation


Sometimes Si Yuan always looks thoughtful


 After tasting the crispness of bamboo shoots


 Si Yuan walks while thinking


After seeing Si Yuan, who loves thinking, do you also want to find a quiet place where you can think in peace for a while? In this, I hope that when you visit the giant pandas at the Panda Base, that you do not make too much noise, and strive to create a beautiful environment for them for their thinking and living.


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